Lee’s Summit Paver Patio

Lee’s Summit Paver Patio

Nothing beats enjoying the great Missouri summers by being outside. Our backyards are precious areas where we can relax and rewind in nature outside, away from the hectic bustle of a fast-paced society.
That’s why it’s so important to have a dedicated outdoor space that can provide refuge. The best way to achieve that? With a paver patio.

Whether you want to install a new paver patio for hosting the next neighborhood cookout, or you just want to add an extra space in your yard so you can lounge outside, there’s never a bad time to install a paver patio.

What Is a Paver?

Even if you don’t know what a paver is, the chances are high that you’ve seen a paver patio before.
Paver is an umbrella term for slabs of construction material (like concrete, stone, or brick) that are cut, applied, and paved into a patio. While concrete, stone, and brick are certainly the most popular, technically, pavers can be made from any type of material, including:
  • Marble
  • Porcelaine
  • Flagstone
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
Still, most of our clients (and most homeowners in general) choose a more traditional material like brick or stone for their pavers. In addition to patios, pavers can also be used to build walkways or even entire driveways. It all depends on the homeowner’s style, budget, and vision for their property.

Thinking about Installing a Patio? Choose Pavers!

There are many benefits when homeowners choose to install a paver patio instead of a wooden patio or a poured concrete one.

Since paver patios are typically made of stone, concrete, or brick, these projects are incredibly durable and tend to last much longer than patios made from other inferior construction materials. And because they require so little maintenance, they end up being much cheaper than poured concrete or wood.

Lastly, paver patios tend to have a much more aesthetically pleasing look than other patios due to the way the individual pieces come together. These patios have a much more quaint, regal appearance, and as a result, paver patios tend to boost property value and curb appeal.

Our Services

When you choose LMD Solutions to craft your paver patio, you’re choosing the leading construction contractor in the Missouri area. We’re proud to deliver a wide range of services and are dedicated to getting the job done right at a price that works for everyone.

LMD Solutions proudly offers a variety of other services, too. So when you choose our team to construct your paver patio, you also get the benefit of working with a company that can work on:

  • Customized landscaping
  • Installation of retaining walls
  • Integration of drainage solutions

As a result, we don’t just look out for your patio — we make sure the whole picture works together to achieve one seamless, cohesive space.

Best Paver Patio Installation in Lee’s Summit

Our team is proud to be the top construction company in Lee’s Summit. If you’re ready to take the next steps on building your own paver patio, reach out to our team to get started. Contact LMD Solutions today!