Whether for a newly constructed Pleasant Hill home or to give an older home more curb appeal, the right landscaping plan can make or break your home’s look. If you have Pinterest yard and garden dreams, turn to LMD Solutions LLC to turn your yard into a landscape to be proud of.

Our full-service contractors can help you create a landscaping plan that is achievable and beautiful. From design to applying the final layer of mulch, LMD Solutions, LLC, proudly serves Pleasant Hill, MO, and surrounding areas.

Benefits of Landscaping from the Pros at LMD Solutions, LLC

Landscaping is a big project. It’s also a big investment. You don’t want to waste money on plans that don’t function for your lifestyle or plants that won’t survive in your location.
More homeowners are turning to the professionals at LMD Solutions, LLC, to get the job done.

Hiring our landscapers is more than a matter of convenience. Read on to learn more about the benefits we offer.

1. We Can Identify Site Issues

You have great ideas about what you want your property to look like, but what you don’t see when you gaze into the yard is the complex system of roots, pipes, rocks, cables, soggy spots, and dry spots.

Our landscapers know how to work with the challenges in your ecosystem and create a plan that functions. With our expertise, those problem areas will blend seamlessly with the rest of the landscape for a polished look.

2. You Won’t Waste Money

It’s easy to run up a big tab when shopping for landscaping supplies. You need tools, soil amenders, pavers, plants, and more.

The LMD Solutions, LLC, team saves time and money. We’ll create a landscaping plan based on your budget. There are no wasted materials and no going back and forth to the home center for more supplies.

3. The Job Will Get Done

As professional landscapers, we have the tools and the know-how to get your landscape done quickly, and you’ll have the security of a contract with an estimated end date.

When you work with our team, you can start enjoying your property now — not next season or next year. Instead of spending weekends spreading mulch, you can relax in a beautiful yard that’s ready to enjoy.

4. Value Added

When LMD Solutions, LLC, takes care of your landscaping, we think through every aspect. Our plans include irrigation systems that will help keep the water bill low and plants that will thrive on your site.

The right landscaping can help keep your home’s interior cooler, improve home security, and increase home value by creating curb appeal.

Why Choose LMD Solutions, LLC?

From the grandest estate to the coziest backyard, we can customize the right landscaping plan to transform your outdoor space into your personal paradise. Our services include:
    • Landscape planning and design
    • Hardscapes, retaining walls, pathways
    • Residential and commercial service
    • Rock installation
    • Landscape planting
    • Paver Patios

Our knowledge and experience with the local environment and local regulations in Pleasant Hill mean the time we spend at your job site will be used efficiently. It is always our goal to build long-term relationships with our customers and maintain our excellent reputation. We treat every customer with care, respect, and professionalism.

The LMD Solutions, LLC, team is always looking for creative solutions to landscaping problems. We’ll work to overcome obstacles and look for innovative ways to transform your outdoor space into a unique landscape that complements your home and your lifestyle.

When you work with the friendly professionals at LMD Solutions, LLC, you will get reliable service, transparent and fair pricing, efficiency, and knowledge in one package. Call or contact us today for more information about our landscaping services. Let us help you make your Pleasant Hill yard something to be proud of through every season.

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