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Mitchell saved the day for us! He is a hard worker and does an amazing job! Went above and beyond our expectations. Highly recommended and can’t wait to use him for future projects.

Suzanne F

I highly recommend. I had foundation work done and my front yard was a disaster. LMD took care of my grading, retaining wall, plants, and driveway. They made sure my new tile drain was routed properly. They gave my home curb appeal and made me happy to drive up to it.


From the estimate to project completion they were very prompt and professional. I had some landscaping done and it turned out amazing. Great price too. They did so well I am having them handle my lawn care now. Can't recommend enough.

Mark M

LDM took care of a drainage problem and redirect the water flow with a new drain and a 2 teir terrace with a beautiful retaining wall. Fast professional and reasonable. Will do more projects with them.

Bob G

Revitalize Your Outdoor Space with LMD Solutions – Premier Landscaping, Hardscaping, and Drainage Services

Welcome to LMD Solutions, your trusted partner for transforming outdoor spaces. We specialize in providing homeowners with first-class landscaping, hardscaping, and drainage solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you desire a beautifully landscaped garden, a sturdy and elegant patio, or efficient drainage systems, we are committed to providing superior quality and unparalleled customer service. With LMD Solutions, your dream outdoor space is just a call away.


Our professional hardscaping services include paver patios, custom outdoor living spaces, and meticulous landscape design to enhance and beautify your home.

Retaining Wall Installation

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to increase your productivity and streamline your workflow.

Paver Patios

Our Paver Patio installation services offer expert design and precision craftsmanship, creating beautiful, durable outdoor spaces that enhance your home's aesthetic and functionality.

Drainage Solutions

Our expert Drainage Solutions include French drains, water diversion systems, and dry creek beds, effectively managing water flow to protect and beautify your property.

Outdoor Kitchens and Living Spaces

Trust our Outdoor Kitchens and Living Spaces services to transform your yard into a luxurious retreat with custom designs for functionality and ultimate outdoor enjoyment.


Create a stunning and functional outdoor environment with our professional landscaping services, which encompass lighting, drainage, hardscaping, and expert flower and tree planting.

Locations Served

LMD Solutions offers premier landscaping and hardscaping services to cities in the Greater Kansas City area. Our team specializes in transforming outdoor spaces with expert design and installation, including lighting, drainage, hardscaping, and plantings. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction for homeowners in these cities: Kansas City, MO, Blue Springs, MO, Liberty, MO, Gladstone, MO, Belton, MO, Grain Valley, MO, Harrisonville, MO, Pleasant Hill, MO, Parkville, MO, Greenwood, MO, Lonejack, MO, Lake Winnebago, MO.

Kansas City, MO:

LMD Solutions provides trusted landscaping services to homeowners in Kansas City, MO. We enhance the city's charming neighborhoods, known for their vibrant jazz heritage, delicious barbecue, and beautiful fountains, with expert landscaping, including lighting, drainage, hardscaping, and plantings.

Blue Springs, MO:

We offer professional landscaping services to homeowners in Blue Springs, MO, a city celebrated for its family-friendly atmosphere, beautiful parks, and recreational lakes. Our commitment to quality ensures that Blue Springs residents receive personalized, top-tier landscaping services that elevate their home's beauty and functionality.

Liberty, MO:

At LMD Solutions, we provide homeowners in Liberty, MO, with professional landscaping services. This city is known for its rich history, charming downtown, and vibrant community events, and we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, personalized landscaping solutions that reflect the unique character of Liberty.

Gladstone, MO:

We proudly offer trusted landscaping services to homeowners in Gladstone, MO, a city known for its welcoming community, lush parks, and cultural events. Our skilled team transforms outdoor spaces with services like lighting, drainage, hardscaping, and expert plantings to enhance the beauty and functionality of homes in Gladstone, making us a reliable choice for residents.

Belton, MO:

Homeowners in Belton, MO, a city recognized for its friendly community, excellent schools, and beautiful parks, know we provide experienced landscaping and hardscaping services.  We offer personalized solutions that elevate the aesthetics and functionality of homes in Belton.

Grain Valley, MO:

LMD Solutions offers expert landscaping services to homeowners in Grain Valley, MO, a community known for its small-town charm and scenic surroundings. Our professional team brings a wealth of experience to every project, providing services such as lighting, drainage, hardscaping, and detailed plantings, making us a trusted choice for residents of Grain Valley.

Harrisonville, MO:

Harrisonville, MO, is known for its rich history and close-knit community. Homeowners can count on us to enhance their outdoor spaces. Our professional team specializes in a wide range of services, including hardscaping features like patios and walkways and comprehensive landscaping solutions. 

Pleasant Hill, MO: 

LMD Solutions is dedicated to offering homeowners in Pleasant Hill, MO, expert hardscaping and landscaping services. Known for its historic charm and scenic beauty, Pleasant Hill residents can rely on us to elevate their outdoor living spaces. We are committed to delivering top-notch, quality solutions that meet our clients' unique needs.

Parkville, MO:

LMD Solutions is proud to provide homeowners in Parkville, MO, expert hardscaping and landscaping services. Nestled along the Missouri River and known for its vibrant downtown and picturesque scenery, Parkville residents can trust us to transform their outdoor spaces. Our experienced team excels in creating elegant hardscaping features like patios and retaining walls.

Greenwood, MO:

Known for its welcoming community and lush greenery, Greenwood, MO, residents can trust us to enhance their outdoor spaces. We are committed to delivering expert landscaping and hardscaping solutions catering to our Greenwood clients' needs.

Lone Jack, MO:

Lonejack, MO, residents can rely on our professional team to transform their outdoor spaces with meticulous care and innovative designs. We specialize in landscaping services, including detailed plantings, patio installation, and retaining walls.

Lake Winnebago, MO:

LMD Solutions is proud to deliver expert landscaping services to homeowners in Lake Winnebago, MO, a community celebrated for its stunning lakeside views and serene environment. Our skilled team is dedicated to transforming outdoor spaces with exceptional care and creativity.

Transform Your Outdoors with LMD Solutions: Expert Hardscaping, Drainage Solutions, and Outdoor Kitchen Installation

LMD Solutions elevates outdoor spaces with professional hardscaping, drainage solutions, and outdoor kitchen installation services. Our skilled team is committed to delivering functional, beautiful, and durable enhancements that meet each client's specific needs. From designing elegant patios and walkways to ensuring adequate water management with advanced drainage solutions and creating fully-equipped outdoor kitchens, we provide comprehensive services tailored to transform your outdoor living experience. Trust LMD Solutions to bring your vision to life and make your outdoor space a haven of comfort and style.

LMD Outdoor Kitchen

These are just a few of the services we offer to homeowners in the greater Kansas City area of Missouri:


At LMD Solutions, we provide professional hardscaping services tailored to elevate the aesthetics and usability of your outdoor areas. Our comprehensive services include expert landscape design, meticulously crafted paver patios, stunning water features, and robust retaining walls. Whether you want to create a tranquil garden oasis or a dynamic entertainment area, our experienced team delivers high-quality, customized hardscaping that perfectly complements your property.

Drainage Solutions

We offer experienced drainage solutions to manage water flow and prevent landscape issues effectively. Our services include installing French drains, implementing water diversion techniques, creating dry creek beds, and addressing minor sloping adjustments. With our expertise, we ensure your outdoor space remains beautiful and functional, free from water-related problems.

Outdoor Kitchens and Living Spaces

Whether you envision a cozy space for family gatherings or a sophisticated area for entertaining guests, our team delivers exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs to bring your outdoor living dreams to life. LMD Solutions specializes in designing and installing professional outdoor kitchens and living spaces that enhance your home's outdoor appeal. Our services include creating fully-equipped kitchens with premium appliances, comfortable seating areas, and stylish outdoor living features

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years of Landscaping Experience!

With more than two decades of experience in the landscaping industry, LMD Solutions has honed its skills and knowledge to offer top-notch services. Our extensive expertise ensures that every project is executed with precision and excellence.

High-Quality Workmanship

We are renowned for our high-quality workmanship, ensuring that all details of your landscaping project are flawlessly executed. From hardscaping and drainage solutions to outdoor kitchen installations, our team takes pride in delivering superior results that exceed expectations.

Owner-Operated Commitment

As an owner-operated business, LMD Solutions guarantees a personal touch and dedication to each project. The owner's direct involvement means you receive attentive service and a commitment to meeting your unique needs and preferences.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Our reputation for outstanding customer service stems from our dedication to clear communication, responsiveness, and a genuine desire to make your outdoor vision a reality. At LMD Solutions, we don't just build landscapes; we build lasting relationships with our clients.

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