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Are you in need of retaining wall installation in the Kansas City area? Our retaining wall experts are ready to repair your current wall or install a new one for you. LMD Solutions LLC is the area leader in landscaping, drainage, retaining walls, and other hardscape solutions.

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Why Choose LMD Solutions for Your Retaining Wall?

LMD Solutions is the leader in landscaping, draining, and retaining wall solutions. We always operate with complete transparency with our clients; there are no surprise charges at the end of the job, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. 
We have extensive experience in retaining wall repair and installation, and our hard-earned reputation speaks for itself. Some of the reasons more people look to us for their Kansas City retaining wall needs include:
  • Professional customer service
  • Expertise in both residential and commercial services 
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality work done right the first time
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Kansas City Retaining Wall Repair and Installation

Retaining walls provide many benefits for properties of all types, residential as well as commercial. Some of the benefits of retaining walls include:
  • Providing flood control and preventing soil erosion
  • Maintaining a means of structural support
  • Adding functional space to your outdoor property
  • Increasing your property value
  • Adding a decorative touch to your
  • outdoor spaces

When constructed properly, a retaining wall is an outstanding addition to your property. But when it’s improperly constructed or needs repair, it can be a liability. Make sure your Kansas City retaining wall is properly tended to by our experts.

Flood Control and Soil Erosion Control

Just about any type of landscape is prone to erosion due to water, wind, or other factors. Retaining walls are exceptionally important, especially if you don’t have a lot of shrubs or trees on your property.
A retaining wall provides the support necessary to preserve the soil, reducing surface runoff by modifying overly sharp or steep gradients. Our retaining walls slow the speed of water that travels over the surface of your yard, reducing soil erosion.
In addition, retaining walls can help prevent flooding by providing water drainage control. Drain pipes and channels can be integrated into the construction of your retaining wall, providing a means for excess water to travel away from the flood-prone areas of your property.

Structural Support

Retaining walls in Kansas City also keeps soil in place for landscape features like small hills. These walls provide a way to keep the soil from sliding forward, which also makes them necessary safety features. Depending on your particular property, there may be a wide variety of retaining wall solutions and options available.

Adding Functional Space to Your Property

While small mounds and hills on a property can be attractive and interesting features in their own right, they can also be difficult to landscape and consume precious space. Using retaining walls to construct terraces in the land creates attractive features at these hilly sites, allowing you to showcase anything from patios to gardens.

Boosting Value and Aesthetics

There are not many features that are more attractive than retaining walls. Contrasting stone against a natural landscape can not only create a gorgeous property but can also raise the value of that property. If designed at the correct height, a retaining wall can also double as a seating wall.
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Trust LMD Solutions LLC for Your Retaining Wall Needs

With so many options, materials, and designs available, the perfect retaining wall is within your reach when you work with LMD Solutions. Reach out to us today for a free no-obligation quote for your retaining wall in Kansas City or the surrounding areas.

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