Pleasant Hill Drainage Solutions

Pleasant Hill Drainage Solutions

If there’s one thing Pleasant Hill, MO, homeowners know, it’s the weather. As the home base for the National Weather Service Kansas City department, we always know when it’s going to be sunny and when, well, it’s not.

Unfortunately for many homeowners, bad weather can bring more than an afternoon shower; it can also lead to lingering flooding and pooling effects. If your home and property struggle to drain water, it can be a frustrating experience.

But it doesn’t have to be. Our company offers Pleasant Hill top-tier drainage solutions to keep your home and yard dry and healthy.

Read on to learn more about our drainage solutions and how they can help you after the next rainstorm.

What Causes Poor Drainage?

A plethora of reasons can cause flooding and poor drainage. The most common reason is the lay of your land; if you reside on a hill and have slopes, all of that rain will pool at the base. Eventually, the pool will be so extensive that water can’t evaporate fast enough, leaving you with an ugly stagnant puddle.

There are other reasons, too, why your yard may have trouble draining water. For example, you may have difficulties if you have:

  • Older or broken pipes, gutters, or drains
  • Water runoff from neighbors or eroded soil
  • Excess lawn debris
  • Blocked drainage pipes

Luckily, all of these causes have relatively easy fixes. For example, sometimes water runs off too quickly if your soil is eroded or if you have too much lawn debris.

That can be solved by removing the lawn debris to allow water to penetrate the soil and by adding more nutrients to the soil so that water goes deep within the soil rather than running right through it.

If your pipes are the cause of the problem, we can patch, repair, and clean those right up. Of course, other causes like runoff from neighbors aren’t as easy to fix and require additional solutions like implementing more drain areas, reconfiguring your property’s slopes, and more.

Our Solutions

Each property is different. That is why we work with you to draft a customized game plan that fits your property’s specific needs.

We’ll employ multiple hard-hitting, proven drainage techniques to get your yard dry as fast as possible. For example, we can:

  • Replace your gutters
  • Grade around the property
  • Grade in the yard
  • Install retaining walls
  • Improve plant bed design

Through our melding of solutions, we will work to clear your lawn and property of troubling excess water.

Ready to Learn More? Call Our Team to Chat!

If you’re ready to take control of your flooding, call our Missouri-based water drainage team. We will walk through your property to assess the situation and then recommend several techniques to reduce and eliminate excess water.

Through our ingenuity and creativity, we’re confident that we can strike a plan that is effective against any weather – rain or shine. Give LMD Solutions, LLC, a call today to get started!

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