Pleasant Hill Landscaping

Pleasant Hill Landscaping

To have your lawn maintenance or landscaping done right, you need to hire a team that puts your needs first, knows how to work with your unique property, and has the expertise to pull off your vision.
That’s our promise at LMD Solutions, LLC: we’re committed to providing Pleasant Hill with residential and commercial landscaping services that come from an understanding of the environment and the people who live there.

Putting Matters into a Pro’s Hands

If you decide to do a landscaping project yourself, you’ll obviously end up spending time and money. And balancing maintenance needs like watering schedules can be difficult with all of the other tasks on your list, leading to frustration over a bed of dead flowers.

Some landscaping projects, like tree trimming, require safety equipment and other tools that you might not own, making your desire to save a few dollars with DIY both time-consuming and dangerous.

There’s no need to stress over your lawn care when you hire the professionals at LMD Solutions, LLC. Throughout our years of experience, we’ve learned the most efficient ways to care for Missouri’s flora, and we’re ready to put all of our knowledge to good use for your property.

We can give you the lush green lawns and elegant gardens you’ve always dreamed of but haven’t had the energy to work on yourself. So call us whenever you need lawn care maintenance — we’re here to give you your weekends back!

Big Plans? We’re Here for You

Your dream is the blueprint for our plan of action. Our team thrives on coming up with creative landscaping solutions for residential and commercial properties all over Missouri.

If you’re wondering who you can call for large-scale projects like retaining walls, patios, or irrigation system installations, call us! We’ll work together to bring you the stunning outdoor space you deserve at an affordable rate and with incredible service.

Finding the Right Price

What’s the value of hiring a professional landscaping company? Aside from the time you get back, there’s also avoiding the need to purchase expensive equipment. And don’t forget the money you’ll save by not having to fix any attempts to take care of things yourself.

Still, it’s understandable that some people would pause before hiring a lawn care service. Some companies aren’t always upfront about their pricing, and some will even change their tune after the work has been completed. But at LMD Solutions, LLC, we value trust and transparency. There are no surprises — only honest pricing.

And we pride ourselves on offering service plans for virtually any budget. So you’ll never have to be concerned about landscaping costs. You can sign up for our service plans and enjoy your beautiful yard or garden.

Professional Landscaping in Pleasant Hill

We’re the team of experts you can rely on for anything from mowing your lawn to creating an elaborate outdoor living space. The next time you start to think of your lawn care, give us a call, and we’ll take it off your hands. Get in touch with us today for a quote for your next landscaping project.