Missouri Drainage Solutions

Missouri Drainage Solutions

Is excess yard water bringing you down? Even though water is vital to your yard’s health and vitality, too much water can lead to homeownership problems.

In fact, those vast, stagnant water puddles in your yard can lead to soil erosion, destroy vegetation, seep into your basement, attract bugs, swamp driveways, and render your outdoor space unusable.

Not to mention, it’s quite the eyesore. That’s why we offer sophisticated water drainage solutions.

If you’re located in Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Pleasant Hill, or Raymore, we can help. Let’s dive into some drainage solutions!

Grading and Retaining Walls

The reason why your property has an issue with draining is probably that your property has a lot of slopes. When it rains, all of this water pools at the lowest point of your property and has no place to go.

But there’s a way to fix this. By reconfiguring the slopes in your yard, we can redirect rainwater for an effective drainage solution. To do this, we re-assess your home’s grading and can even construct retaining walls.

Gutters and Drains

What’s the best way to combat excess water? It’s by installing new drains, of course! If you live in an older home, chances are your gutters may be old or were never correctly installed to begin with.

Our team will fix those gutters and drains and even install new ones in “hot spots,” or sloped areas that are more susceptible to flooding.

Transform Your Yard with Moving Water

No matter how many systems or drains are in your yard, some properties are bent on having stagnant water buildup.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Instead of fighting to keep the water out, transform these stagnant water pools into a running creek that cuts through your property. Not only will this circulate the water (to be healthier and cleaner), but it looks great, too.

Drowning in Too Much Water? Let Us Help!

At LMD Solutions, LLC, we provide answers to the toughest drainage problems. If you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure out how to move water off your property (and keep it off), we’re the team to help. Call LMD Solutions, LLC, to get started on your customized water drainage solution!